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Tuesday, March 28, 2006
  Starting all over again... LOL
Hi. We've experienced a bit of a set-back with Blogger.com -- It seems as though they blew away our whole site recently... So we're starting again from scratch.

In this case, actually we're starting again from Hamilton County's 'scratch'.... LOL. That is, we've borrowed the format from Hamilton County and will be adapting it to the Ft. Wayne metro area's 7-county area.

Again, our goal is to help accelerate the Great Commission in our city, on our watch.

It's a part of the Transform Indiana ministry network of networks.

Leave comments here, re great links in the Ft. Wayne metro area. How might we better 'connect and communicate', to glorify God together, care about our community, and as a result... speed the work of the Church?
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