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Tuesday, September 26, 2006
  Today's Call Links

We've added a new feature to the national cityreaching conference-calls... an ability (for ANY of us) to add key links (LIVE !!!) that are pertinent to the call. Here's today's call links -- especially interesting since Ft. Wayne was the 'featured city'.
  NeighborLink Projects
[hat-tip Jon Swanson]

Tuesday, September 12, 2006
  Ft. Wayne to be featured on national conference call... Sept.26

Mission America Coalition's upcoming "Featured Cities" national conference call (Sept. 26th) will be specially targeting Fort Wayne, Indiana. Call-hosts Phil Miglioratti (National Pastors Prayer Network) and Dennis Fuqua (Prayer Summits) welcome pastors & other driven Christians from across the country to listen-in, ask questions and learn what they can to benefit their city-reaching movement.

[Call details at PrayerSummits.net]

For more information regarding Mission America Coalition's City-Reaching initiatives across the country, visit CityReaching.com.

For more information regarding the state's network of city-reaching networks... visit TransformIndiana.com.
Sunday, September 10, 2006
  Innovative Approach to Breakfast?
How's this for an innovative approach?

Gotta love it!

[And visit Love In Deed site for further details.]
Friday, September 08, 2006
  Special Thanks...
[Also see related article at Transform Indiana site.]

We wanted to specially acknowledge and thank Pastor Otha Aden (Southern Heights Baptist Church) for bringing his friend, Dr. John Perkins and sharing him with the community this weekend... including a chapel time at Taylor FW, a luncheon for pastors & leaders, and for a dialog time with the Indianapolis pastors, professors, & other leaders who traveled to Ft. Wayne as a part of the Transform Indiana ministry networking initiative. The trip was sponsored by Crossroads Bible College, in Indianapolis.

Also we're greatly appreciative of Dean Ron Sloan, Academic Dean at Taylor University Ft. Wayne for expediting and hosting today's events.

[Subsequent note of thanks... to Love In Deed blog for journaling some notes from the luncheon. And visit LoveInDeed's main site.]

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